Launch of the Cassel Garden Campaign

Launch of the Cassel Garden Campaign

On the evening of Friday 1st February, the Cassel Hospital Charitable Trust welcomed members of the local community and representatives of local community groups and staff, past and present, to a talk launching the Cassel Garden Campaign.

Dr Oliver Dale, Consultant Psychiatrist and CHCT Chair, began the evening by highlighting the theme of the evening: the role of community in mental health. He spoke about the hospital’s primary therapeutic goal of helping patients feel a sense of belonging in their communities and how the hospital attempts to achieve this.  John Glyn then talked about the theoretical underpinnings of the work at the Cassel and how psychoanalytic thinking is applied to the whole institution. Dr Kimberley Barlow (Consultant Psychiatrist, Cassel Outreach) and Carolyn Pardey (ex-patient) gave an account of day-to-day life at the Hospital. Through a conversation, they described the therapeutic programme and highlighted the role of activity and working alongside one another in the treatment. This was followed by Sarah Heaton, Cassel Gardener, who explained our ambitions to further develop gardening as a therapeutic activity for Cassel patients.

The evening was a great success and wonderful opportunity to continue to develop the Cassel’s position within the local community. Attendees donated generously and we managed to raise £250 to kickstart the Cassel Garden Campaign.

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